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Migraine Awareness Month #22: The Game Changer:

Prompt:Tell us about a time your plans changed due either an unexpected Migraine or an unexpected Migraine-free experience.

Gah, I’ve had so many plans changed due to Migraine. But, I do have an experience that I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t been in Texas in a horrible Pain Cycle.

I got to go to the Texas State Fair. The Migraine that I had gone in for IV therapy that morning had mostly died down, and I was feeling much better. My mom and I were in Dallas, and we were going to go to a museum, or walk around a mall for a bit. Instead, I was able to borrow a wheelchair and go to the fair.

North Carolina has a great fair- but due to the size constraints of the fairgrounds, it’s smaller. Maybe just more compact.

Here are some pictures.

Anyhow- because of my Migraines, I was in texas at the right time to go have fun. Also, thanks to the wheelchair, I didn’t have to walk. I had fun, and people were really nice to me.

The vendors actually wanted to help me win a prize… never had that experience before. Never will again… they let me get the bigger prize even though there were just me and my mom playing- where normally they needed four to start the game for the little prize. I came “home” to the hotel that night with gobs of stuffed animals and a big smile on my face.

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