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#Migraine Awareness Month 29- “More Often Than Not.”

Prompt: “More Often that Not.” Today is Chronic Migraine Awareness Day. People with chronic Migraine have a Migraine more often than not. Think of and share a random act of kindness that you could do for someone with chronic Migraine.

Things People have done for me/I’ve done for others/Heard about and stored for use for other people

—-Moved my mom’s car from one side of the street to the other in NYC where there’s alternate side parking- i.e.- no parking on certain days so the sanitation dept. can clean the streets (HAH). If your car is still on the old side, you get slammed with $$$$ tickets. I did this after she had surgery, but it’s just as appropriate for a Migraineur.

—-a couple of people decorated a trash can for a fellow puker… sorta like signing a cast- drew on it, wrote happy notes, made it look friendly in the house- and not like some intrusion that reminded them that they threw up often and for long periods of time.

—-Was given a gift card in an envelope, after canceling on a friend oh, a billion times… with a note that said “Anytime you’re up to it- we’re going out for dinner!” Made me feel good that they were willing to drop everything, and also since money’s tight, I wouldn’t have to pay.

— My mother stayed with us when I came home from weeks of treatment, as I couldn’t take care of myself, and DH had just broken his leg in 3 places, requiring surgery, and couldn’t get out of the desk chair. She cooked, cleaned, drove DH to the doctor, etc. I think that possibly staying with someone for a night if they’re alone would be a huge gift- just to know that there was someone there, even if all the person who was staying with the Migraineur did was watch tv, and not interact at all. It’s comforting to know you’re not alone

-A friend asked me for a specific list of things I liked to drink during the day when I was getting dehydrated, and showed up at my door with all of them.

Think outside the box, there’s so much more than bringing a casserole…

-change the cat litter
-play with the dog/take it to the vet
-do a load of laundry/ take it to the laundromat
-surprise them… instead of flowers… perhaps get them new pajamas- same cost- much more useful.
-ice packs or heating pads are ideal gifts.

Remind them that you’re not going anywhere- you’re in it with them for the long haul. (that one’s a free gift, and priceless.)

National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by

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