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Migraine Awareness Month Day 30- My favorites and final thoughts.

Prompt: Choose your favortie blog post from any of this month’s prompts from someone else’s blog to share with us, and tell us why it’s your favorite.

My favorite post was the one from Nancy Bonk’s daughter, Sarah. (Through My Daughter’s eyes, Day 25.) Her letter explaining life with a mother dealing with Migraine disease, and the pride that her words showed for her mom were just so inspiring. It also let us in a window to their lives, with humor, grace, and love. Nancy’s blog post for that day made me cry- good tears, and I was so happy to have read it.

Thank you, Migraine Blogger family- this has been wonderful, reading each other’s posts and having a reason to write each day.

I hope we’re all aware of the strength, wit, pride and tenacity shared by all. We can do it, and we will change the world.

Taking from the history of the AIDS movement, “Silence= Death.” But once the families, friends and others who knew people with the disease started to shout for change, they began to create change. Ronald Reagan was forced to say the word aloud. “AIDS.” Money started to be allocated. We can learn from their experience, and ACT UP! Let our allies join in our crusade. Speaking out creates a community of advocates.

The next time a petition is sent, sign it. Send it to people you normally wouldn’t. It’s okay. They need to see it, and there’s no reason to feel ashamed, or like you’re complaining. You’re not. You need them. Make it clear that they’re your ticket to change.

In the words of President Obama, “Yes we can!”

National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by

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